Sunday, September 2, 2012

Freshening for the New Youth Year

Our room has become a dull place other than the colorful walls painted by middle school youth of years past.

See what I mean? Two lonely pieces of furniture, and a folding table and chairs too short for it. On the other side behind me are some beanbags but three of them are losing their stuffing. However, I, a mom,  and two of the youth dreamed today of ways to bring our energy and excitement back into the room. Suggestions included:

  • mini trampoline
  • yoga balls in place of chairs
  • sofa and love seat in one corner
  • floor pillows
  • large collage but we don't have a subject yet
  • constellations done in glow-in-the-dark stars. Four ceiling panels = four seasons
  • game chairs in place of the bean bags
  • air fresheners (running outside is sweaty, right?)
Here is our wish list. If you have something off the list that is more in your way than useful to you, we'd love to have your donation. This year I'm hoping to focus on reusing and making useful items that are no longer needed rather than buying new. All of us have something in our garages that is in the way but still has life in it. Ugly wood furniture is made beautiful by paint, and for some reason teens and preteens love the concept of painting things, though not the cleanup that follows if I remember myself at 13 correctly.

This year, we're also adding in a service expectation of 10 hours a semester. My two stalwart youth helpers have picked out their project and want to build a gaga ball arena. Sounds like fun (to watch) to me!

I can't wait to see the transformation of our room and ourselves as we gather each week for Confirmation, and twice a month for Youth Group. I will see you next week at Rally Day!!