Thursday, October 18, 2012

Letter from the Sponsor 10/18/2012

I meant to post this on Monday but whew! This Capital Campaign, Creating Space for Grace, has kept me running all month.

We had a great time last Sunday 10/14. Our original plan to hike Wild Basin was unfortunately mudded out after the fabulous rains of the previous week. I had to bail out my leaky car twice and a third time awaits me. After waking up to the rain on Sunday morning and knowing it would be so muddy, I grabbed my trusty laptop and started digging for an alternative activity. I came up with a couple options and Pastor Brad and I settled on the Texas Natural Science Center. After late service and a brown bag lunch, we loaded six youth and my kiddo into our two cars and off we went. Since it was such a beautiful day, I put that leaky roof of my car down and took with me a trio of laughing girls who didn't mind the wind.

We were all quite windblown when we arrived but nothing a brush couldn't cure.

The youth were great and I was proud to be escorting them through the exhibits. We had time to explore all the floors and all found something fascinating.

In the spirit of It's A Small World, I ran into my cousin and his wife. It's always good to see them.

The trip tied perfectly into the Confirmation lesson that week on creation. What a great afternoon spent with God's Awesome People (GAP? how's that for an acronym?)

with you in God's abundant love,